MPS and PaaS

Managed Print Services and Print as a Service are solutions led services for businesses to have complete control over their print infrastructure.

Companies today spend, on average, 3% of their annual revenues on print and document-related activities.

Our Managed Print Services Solution (MPS) and Print as a Service (PaaS) lets you take back control of your print infrastructure – allowing you to create, access, store and print documents efficiently within your business – typically resulting in cost savings of 30%.

We are your single point of contact for all of your print and document needs – improving your organisation’s productivity.

> Consolidate user support, servicing and billing.
> Seamlessly integrate your office and IT environments.
> Standardise your agreements, support and business processes.
> Continually optimise your print infrastructure – ensuring efficiency and reliability

We believe that MPS and PaaS are crucial to overcoming the most complex document and print management challenges. It also opens your road to digitisation. We therefore devise a technology driven approach and understand the importance of continuous improvement to create an enhanced and holistic print management environment for your business.

  • 90% of organisations still do not track or audit their printing costs.
  • 63% of enterprises are affected by printer-related security breaches.
  • 14% average revenue wasted by global companies on document-related tasks and inefficient printing practices.
  • £9 true cost for organisations to manage print practices per every £1 spent.
  • 20% of help desk resources are spent on printer related topics.


Printers and MFPs are a vital part of your organisation’s document workflow and business processes. But if they’re not managed properly, they can be a potential weak spot in your network or data security policies. And with changing regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, we know organisations need as much help and support as they can get.

The more advanced and integrated MFPs become the greater the risk to confidential information as it is being copied, printed, scanned or faxed and all businesses have a responsibility to protect the data they hold about their customers and employees.

Your data is at risk. It could be altered, stolen or intercepted while being transferred over your network or the internet. Securing your MFPs prevents devices being used in an advanced cyber-attack and safeguards the data stored on the device. Whether you’re scanning, printing, or sharing information, FCBS will help protect your sensitive data through:

  • encrypting data on the device
  • encrypted Adobe PDF files
  • use of SSL protocols
  • email encryption

FCBS provides a suite of integrated security features to help protect your information and documents from a multitude of threats. We’ll give you the tools to control and manage your print security policies, and help you protect your confidential information whether it is being printed, copied, scanned, faxed, stored or shared over your network.

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Cloud Print

FCBS’s Print Management gives users the ability to send documents from their computer, tablet or smartphone to any enabled printer / MFD, without the expense and hassle of a physical print infrastructure. This means faster, more secure cloud-based printing for users, with less burden on IT resources. Plus organizations can monitor print usage and view data for better decision making, all while providing industry-leading levels of cloud security, control and performance.

With Cloud Print Management, you can:

· Reduce the time needed to maintain an IT infrastructure
· Ensure secure enterprise cloud printing and continuity of service
· Deliver scalability to support your business as it grows
· Leverage powerful analytics based on user, device and fleet data
· Speed cloud services management with easy deployment of updates