Chiorino UK

A reference supplier in the world for any need of Conveyor and process belts, flat transmission belts and rubber, components that must support in the most reliable way every kind of product handling. From the mechanical Industry to the paper and printing one, from the food Industry to the chemical, there is no field of application for which Chiorino has not developed using its own resources customized solutions, starting from strictly checked raw materials.

  • PSIGEN Capture Software
  • DocuWare
  • Secure archiving

“It’s refreshing to work with such
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Solutions and benefits:

Chiorino UK Ltd is achieving significant cost savings since deploying a new document management system to handle all accounting and HR documents. The system, which was installed at the end of last year and comprises of PSIGEN PSI:Capture software and DocuWare document management software, has reduced the amount of manual data entry required and improved access to documents across the company.

By combining leading capture software from PSIGEN and proven document management solutions from DocuWare, First Class Business Solutions is able to offer users a highly functional, yet easily affordable solution. Chiorino UK, part of a worldwide manufacturing company specialising in conveyor and process belts, needed to improve both speed of handling and access to documents, especially in the accounting department.

The company is currently scanning and capturing data from a range of documents including supplier invoices, purchase orders, confirmation receipts, production sheets along with HR documents and wage reports. Sales invoice data is transferred from a Baan accounting system and other documents are indexed and stored in DocuWare for access by both internal users and external users via a web client.


About DocuWare:

Easy to use integrated document management DocuWare imports documents, classifies them, adds a full text index and makes them available for onward processing. A web based modular system with secure, controlled, and logged access, enhanced with workflow functionalities. Comprehensive features, user-friendly and simple administrations.

About PSI: Capture:

With PSI:Capture from PSIGEN you are able to capture invoice data directly to the desired ERP/Accounting as well as storing it into a Document Management System for further approvals process via a convenient Web interface.Accounts Payable Invoices can be scanned and processed with little human intervention.

The Finance Manager at Chiorino, said “Major savings in both time and money are gained from the ease of which we can now file and access documents. We can also feel secure that our archiving is not in boxed paper form, but safely electronically filed.”