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What do FCBS do?

FCBS is a document solutions company. We are specialists in providing multi functional machines and providing print services nationwide. We pride ourselves on our guaranteed 5 Star service before, during and after the sale. This includes unrivalled guaranteed response times and ongoing training to the assurance of a dedicated friendly voice just a phone call away whenever or wherever you might need one.

I need a machine ASAP - how quickly can you arrange installation?

Once the service agreement has been signed, we can have your new machine installed within 48 hours.

What happens if I run out of toner?

At FCBS we ensure you have extras such as toners and drums stored away on site with you. This way, if you run out of something or something fails, you don’t always have to wait for the emergency services to arrive before you can return to business as normal.

What happens if my machine breaks down?

Should anything go wrong, we guarantee to have skilled technician with you within 4 hours of placing your call. Every one of our technician’s is highly trained and equipped with the right know-how, tools and parts to get the job done in one, quick visit.

What types of equipment do you offer?

FCBS is an independent company meaning we can make unbiased recommendations to our customers. Selecting from a range of manufacturers allows FCBS to provide you with the right solution first time. Call the team today to discuss your needs on 01763 275313.

Why should we use leasing rather than pay cash or use a loan?

Your cash may be better used elsewhere in the organisation, particularly as working capital helping to develop the business, rather than financing fixed assets.

How long will my finance agreement be for?

There is a wide range of leasing terms available, which can be tailored to suit you, so long as the term does not exceed the expected useful working life of the equipment.

What happens to the equipment at the end of the finance arrangement?

It depends on the type of finance arrangement you choose. With a lease agreement you can choose either to continue leasing the equipment for a secondary period, arrange for an up-to-date replacement to be installed as part of a new agreement or simply return the equipment to the lesser. At the end of a lease purchase agreement you have the option to buy the equipment for a final, nominal sum.

If we want to add, change or replace the equipment during the lease, what happens?

Changes to equipment requirements can be easily accommodated by FCBS via our upgrade and add-on options. A simple adjustment to your payments will make this process easy.

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