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Get an overview of the many time and money saving benefits DocuWare products from First Class can bring to your office!

DocuWare works perfectly with your organisations existing IT systems. DocuWare is exactly where you need it so you can search and store files without leaving the application you’re working in.

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Capture and store

Automatically file your documents by company name, project and date as you scan them. DocuWare’s intelligent digital filing system means you no longer have to choose between storing multiple copies in multiple locations to find them faster or making one copy and filing it under one term. Now you can search any field to find any document, all in one click.

Manually filing paper costs time and frays nerves. Say you want everything organised by customer, project, type of document… or all three. With DocuWare you don’t have to make multiple copies to file under multiple attributes, they’re always available to you, with one quick search.

Printer is running at full speed, creating multiple copies of the documents you are sending to customers and partners? Why all the effort? With DocuWare you don’t need to, copies of your documents are stored and filled accordingly as you print them.

Are you accumulating hundreds of files on your PC? They’re kept everywhere. On your hard drive, or on network drives, or in the worst case scenario in temporary directories, or simply on the desktop. With DocuWare all of your files from any location are stored safely, securely and simply.

Collaborate and update

Stay up to date with your workflows, DocuWare highlights what needs to be processed and when, eliminating any backlog of documents you have in the workplace. DocuWare also informs all employees of new documents that come in to your organisation, speeding up your offices workflows and keeping employees focussed on their core tasks.

Documents are part of every essential business process, make sure your documents don’t get caught up in laborious and confusing processes causing everything to come to a standstill. DocuWare takes your documents straight to the finish line electronically, without detours.

Improve your professional relationships with customers, partners and service providers. With DocuWare you can instantly make relevant documents available to whoever you’re working with, without physically searching for and copying documents, now your whole archive of documents are at your fingertips.

When one document is being edited by several colleagues at the same time, it’s not long before problems arise. With DocuWare, this problem never happens, everyone is kept up to date and working on the current version. Even when several colleagues are working on one document.

Access and view

Do you work every day with with one particular program, such as bookkeeping software? Wouldn’t it be easier if every document you needed in this program was just a click away?

Get access to the documents you need when you need them. With DocuWare you can rest assured that you can get to any document in your central document pool, so no matter who was last working on it wherever in the world they may be, you’ve got it at your finger tips.

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Watch SmartPrint make sure all of your important document are right at your fingertips!

Smart Connect ensures all of your connected documents are easily found, whatever applications you’re working in.

Intelligent Indexing from First Class Business Solutions & DocuWare.

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What DocuWare have to say about First Class
When we say there’s nobody better to help you find out how DocuWare products can revolutionise your office, we mean it, take a look at what DocuWare has to say.

“FCBS and DocuWare have enjoyed a strong partnership since 2006, and since then FCBS have achieved our Platinum Partner level, the highest category of Authorised DocuWare Partner. In addition, and as a result of being one of the most successful systems resellers in the EMEA region, FCBS are a member of the DocuWare ‘Diamond Club’ of top partners.
FCBS have maintained the highest technical and commercial certifications we offer, and we see this reflected in very high levels of customer satisfaction they enjoy.
We value this great partnership between the two companies very much and we shall continue to work closely together to bring solutions that add value to our joint customers.”

Max Ertl – Vice President of EMEA Sales