First Class are a proud and certified DocuWare reseller, we’ve achieved platinum partnership status which means there’s nobody better to help you find out how DocuWare products can revolutionise your office.

DocuWare offers something for everyone, thats why our expert consultants always make sure they get to know you, your organisation & your document management needs before suggesting a tailored solution.
Whatever size organisation & whatever industry you operate in DocuWare offers modules & products to meet your needs, so whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and go paperless, take all of your documents digital to improve security and accessibility or to start saving money the smart way, our consultants can tailor you the perfect solution with DocuWare products.

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Great features

Intelligent Indexing

Intelligent Indexing scans & analyses your documents, making sure they’re archived correctly within your electronic filing cabinets.
So why is it so great?

  • It’s much faster and more efficient than manual filing
  • Intelligent indexing can easily process large volumes of paper documents
  • It comes ready to use – no configuration needed
  • it’s a self-learning product, meaning it only gets better with time

Smart Print

With DocuWare Printer you always have a back up, every single proposal, invoice, report or any other document  that you print out to send to your customers is automatically saved in digital format.
So what makes it so great?

  • No more making your own manual copies and filing them away
  • You have easy access to all of your customers documents, just enter your search criteria and they’re available on desktop, mobile & tablet
  • Helps you to share ideas between you, your colleagues & your clients, meaning everyone works more efficiently
  • Reduce your carbon footprint dramatically

Smart Connect

Smart Connect brings together all of your related documents, from within any program a smart connect button allows you to display all documents associated with the present document you’re working with, with just one click.
What makes Smart Connect so great:

  • You can install the Smart Connect button directly into any application on a PC
  • It allows you to access any document immediately, no matter what program you are in and what format it is
  • Everything is done simply and easily, it just takes one click
  • It saves you time that used to be spent on tedious searches, so you can work on whats important to you

DocuWare Mobile

DocuWare Mobile gives you access to your electronic filing cabinets, direct from your mobile device allowing you to load documents, view them on-screen & move them along your organisations workflows, using a customised stamp feature perfected for mobile.

Workflow Manager

Optimise your workflows, establish clear rules for processing documents tailored for your needs with DocuWare Workflow Manager. It works with a high-performance graphical user interface enabling you to easily create and edit workflows.

These are just a few of the simple & powerful DocuWare features First Class can bring to your office, the best way to discover more is to contact us direct.
What DocuWare have to say about First Class
When we say there’s nobody better to help you find out how DocuWare products can revolutionise your office, we mean it, have a look at what DocuWare has to say.

“FCBS and DocuWare have enjoyed a strong partnership since 2006, and since then FCBS have achieved our Platinum Partner level, the highest category of Authorised DocuWare Partner. In addition, and as a result of being one of the most successful systems resellers in the EMEA region, FCBS are a member of the DocuWare ‘Diamond Club’ of top partners.
FCBS have maintained the highest technical and commercial certifications we offer, and we see this reflected in very high levels of customer satisfaction they enjoy.
We value this great partnership between the two companies very much and we shall continue to work closely together to bring solutions that add value to our joint customers.”

Max Ertl – Vice President of EMEA Sales
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