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We work closely with our clients to fully understand their workflows and unearth the areas, in which traditional document management and basic digital systems such as Sharepoint, cause inefficiency.
After getting to know your business we highlight where you’re spending money and time on. With a bespoke document management system from First Class you can don’t have to rent office space just for filling cabinets, you won’t have your work flows hindered by missing files making their way around everyones desk, you won’t worry about sensitive information falling in to the wrong hands and all of this means you, your employees and colleagues will have more time and energy to get on with the important stuff.
If you would like more information please fill out the contact box and a consultant will happily answer any questions you may have. For interested professionals we hold a Lunch & Learn event every few months so you can get a real feel for electronic document management.

Take a look at Document Management with DocuWare!
Check out our brand new webpage full of videos on DocuWare!

Minimise expenses

Our expertly tailored Electronic Document Management solutions, save our customers massive amounts of money, we minimise spending on everything to do with document production, reproduction, storage, handling & filing.

Maximise efficiency and profits

Speed up your workflows, eliminate laborious manual searches, the content ferrying about of document through the office & get on with the important stuff so that you can meet your deadlines, keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Eliminate wasted space cluttered desks

Store all of your documents in your secure electronic filing cabinet so they’re always there when you want them & always filied away correctly when you’re not using them.

Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues

Keep everything running smoothly, your electronic documents get sent instantly to your colleagues who have can approve, annotate & amend before sending your file on to the next stage in it’s workflow.

Keep your sensitive information secure

Cut out the risk of sensitive physical documentation being seen by unauthorised eyes, being lost or stolen.  Our solutions, expert consultants and skilled technicians ensure your systems are set up secure so that employees can only access appropriate documents.

Have all of your documents conveniently with you, whenever you want them

Having all of your documents in electronic format disposes of the need to carry them with you, when you want a file simply search through your digital filing cabinet wherever you are via your mobile, tablet or computer and you’ve got it.

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